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Celebration Nights

Celebration Nights are all about giving thanks to God and simply celebrating all that the Lord is doing through Calvary Bakersfield and through it's community.


Every first Wednesday of the month at 7pm

in the Sanctuary.

Sundays at Calvary Bakersfield

You’re invited to join us for our weekly, bilingual family service where we have programs for Kids and Students. 

Sundays at 10am



Weekly Prayer Gatherings

Join our prayer group every Sunday at 9am and Tuesdays at 10am.



If you have students in Jr. High and High School, we offer weekly gatherings every Wednesday at 7pm in the Student Room





Come celebrate with us! Celebration Nights give us the opportunity to give back to God with praise and gratitude for who He is and all He is doing through the church and its community. 



Church Calendar

Stay up to date with everything taking place at Calvary Bakersfield weekly and monthly!